Instrument Coverage


ZMdesk models all domestic fixed-income instruments, loans, deposits and derivatives. All instruments below have independent pay, receive and principle behavior. All instruments can have fixed or adjustable coupons. All adjustment frequencies are supported including daily re-pricing. Coupon adjustment can be defined by a rule or a pre-defined scheduled, and coupon schedules can be independent of the instrument’s principle schedule. The most recent listing of instrument types and attributes we cover include:


  • Swaptions
  • Caps and Floors
  • Asian Options
  • Euro Futures and Options
  • Treasure Futures and Options



  • Standard
  • Servicing
  • Student
  • Reverse
  • Modified
  • Leasing


Mortgage-Related (Pre-pay Options)

  • All Loans Type
  • Servicing
  • Pass-throughs (FRMs, ARMs, Hybrids)
  • CMO/ABS (using Intex Solutions, Moody’s or Yield Book)
  • PSA or CPR-linked (banded or unbanded)



  • Bullet
  • Schedule Pay Downs/Sinking Funds
  • Callables



  • Checking, Savings and Money Market Accounts
  • Home Equity Lines 
  • Credit Cards



  • Cash, Fixed Assets, other non-interest
  • Capital, Provision, other derived accounts
  • Non-interest Income and Expense



  • Optional Redemption: callable, putable, trigger
  • Redemption Decision: bond value or swap value
  • Principal Amortization: linear, scheduled, pre-payable
  • Coupon Features: stepped, inverse, dual-index, caps/floors, range floaters, range accrual


Simple (No Options)

  • Bullet
  • Standard Amoritizing
  • Scheduled Amortizing
  • PSA or CPR-linked Amortizing


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