A Budgeting Solution Specifically for Financial Institutions

Is your budgeting process bogged down with spreadsheets, complex calculations, and enormous paper trails? Would you like to make it easier and faster for your departments to prepare and validate their budgets?

OnlineBudgeting empowers users through a friendly web interface that provides instant feedback.

  • Specifically designed for financial institutions
  • Quickly calculates the “ripple effect” of balance changes on earnings and metrics
  • Virtually eliminates reconcilement between ALM and budgeting scenarios along with spreadsheets and formula errors
  • Attention to speed and simplicity are married with cash flow integration, detailed expense planning, routing and approvals
  • Depth of attributes (prepayments, defaults, premiums, etc.,) allows for advanced modeling of allowance and capital
  • Excel interfaces facilitate streamlined hierarchy setups resulting in very short implementations (6-8 weeks)
  • Less reconcilement given direct cash flow integration with ALM
  • Detailed expense planning: easier and more accurate with personnel and other modules
  • Tools built to ease data entry and growth from history are not inherent or easily mimicked in Excel
  • SQL database technology behind the scenes allows for growth without sizing concerns
  • Licensing not limited by number of users; so lower cost as you grow

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