CECL ALLL Calculator

Welcome to ZM Financial Systems’ New CECL ALLL Calculator!

This innovative tool helps you calculate the net defaults over the life of a sample loan just like the standard prescribes, and is great for getting a feel for the CECL ALLL amounts under different assumptions. In practice we have much more powerful models to help you fully meet and exceed the standard.

To get started, enter the loan balance, coupon, maturity, prepayment speed, probability of default and loss given default and the model will return (in dollars or the actual CECL ALLL amount):

  • Weighted average life
  • Life defaults
  • Life recovery
  • Net defaults percentage
  • Net defaults

Keep in mind this calculator gives you an idea of CECL ALLL amounts under different assumptions. Let us show you how our powerful calculation engine can work with your data to help you meet the new CECL standards. We have the knowledge, people and tools to help your financial institution get started today. Contact us to learn more.

Scenario 1Scenario 2Scenario 3Scenario 4
Loan Balance
Maturity (yrs)
Prepayments (CPR)
Probablity of Default (PD)
Loss Given Default (LGD)
Life Defaults (%)
Life Recovery (%)
Net Life Losses (%)