Create defendable allowance projections with an easy, online tool

Moody’s Analytics offers a cost-effective solution that combines our significant credit analysis experience and knowledge of CECL methodologies with the ease of a SaaS solution: OnlineCECL powered by the ImpairmentStudio™.

OnlineCECL is designed to rely on your institution’s historical data to make it the most relevant to your actual loss experience. Your data can be supplemented with peer history to achieve a quick start or to fill in gaps where details are not readily available.

With the Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) standard deadlines right around the corner, let us help you organize your data and select the most appropriate methodologies for your organization. This intuitive, SaaS solution is low maintenance and offers seamless software upgrades.


Be proactive, not reactive

  • Continually evaluate and compare multiple methodologies to ensure the most appropriate reserve calculations
  • Expand insights by visualizing economic metrics and national loss rates alongside your own experience
  • Improve transparency and better reporting through templates, analytics, and custom reporting
  • Leverage your own unlimited historical data for deeper understanding of client behaviors
  • Reduce costs and eliminate hardware maintenance with a SaaS solution