Strategy Sandbox

Review and Optimize Strategies in Seconds

See the immediate impact of strategies on your income and risk profile with the Strategy Sandbox component of ZMdesk™ from ZM Financial Systems (ZMFS). This easy-to-use yet powerful analytical tool lets you analyze individual trades and portfolios, then optimize strategies based on your internal constraints.

The Strategy Sandbox allows you to take advantage of direct market data updates and your existing ZMdesk settings, sharing scenarios and assumptions for consistency.

  • Consider buy, sell, fund, leverage, and hedge alternatives individually or in packages
  • Load existing ALM data or retrieve details instantly using our Bloomberg linkages
  • Analyze securities and portfolios from both value and income perspectives across your desired risk profile
  • Run and rank optimizations based on your criteria and constraints
  • Select a desired scenario and perform impact analysis to view your risk/reward tradeoffs

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