Add confidence to your decisions by mining your own data.

Your Data. Your Outlook. Your Business.

Overcome data obstacles and go beyond regulatory requirements with Behavioral Analysis and Mining (ZMBAM) from ZM Financial Systems. ZMBAM offers financial institutions advanced insights into the drivers behind your unique risk and per­formance profile.

Store YOUR institution’s histo­ry centrally and use it to:

  • Evaluate default and attrition patterns
  • Calculate loss rates and determine reserves
  • Assess prepayment drivers
  • Analyze outliers
  • Quantify parameters such as spreads, term structures, and pricing behavior


Aligned with Your Needs

  • Users define their own depth (periods/periodicity) and breadth (attributes)
  • Any type of in­strument data can be stored


Evolves with Your Needs

  • Standard and custom tools allow you to mine this data easily
  • Applications such as Excel, PowerBI and Tableau can be connected to further analyze, quanti­fy, trend and provide valuable insights into behavior of the underlying products and customers/members


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