Clients Achieve Improved Utilization with ZMdesk V4.20

2018-01-23T17:37:34+00:00 October 14th, 2014|

A recent version update to 4.20 for ZMdesk, the flagship product from ZM Financial Systems (ZMFS), is already making an impact on utilization rates for ZMFS’ clients.

ZMdesk, used by clients in the financial industry to deliver trading-quality valuation analytics, complete market risk reporting and full balance sheet income simulation, was updated to version 4.20 to improve management of large bank data sets and full enterprise-wide risk solutions.

“With more and more focus being placed on enterprise-wide risks and cloud-capable offerings, we worked to further improve ZMdesk’s scalability and efficiency by enhancing database calculation functionality – especially for larger bank data sets and for institutions that want to add on additional machines and users,” said Butch Miner, CPA, CFA, co-founder, ZMFS.

“We’ve been using ZMdesk for two years,” said Jessica Rice, Performance Trust Capital Partners, LLC. “While we’ve been pleased with the functionality, the number of database calculations we were running tended to interrupt other users. Once we installed V4.20, we saw an immediate change in calculation performance—the database servers never went above five percent utilization and the job servers were processing at 100 percent, a perfect combination. This enhancement has dramatically increased productivity in our group.”

“Previous versions of ZMdesk work well with medium and large portfolios, but there is a growing need at major institutions to efficiently process very large models – with hundreds of thousands or millions of financial instruments,” commented Jerry Chen, Lead Application Developer, ZMFS. “In version 4.20, we are giving clients the ability to set the granularity of the data flows, which markedly improves the performance of queries to SQL Server and enhances user experience.”