Complete Default Modeling Valuation

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Credit Risk Management, LLC (CRM) and ZM Financial Systems (ZMFS) have linked their modeling and forecasting offerings to help financial institutions better prepare for and respond to both internal and external default stress testing requirements. Through this partnership, financial professionals immediately have access to complete default modeling solutions.


“Our combined effort now provides the industry with the robust tools they need to succeed in this post-2009 financial crisis world,” says Butch Miner, CPA, CFA, co-founder, ZMFS. “While our state-of-the art ALM software has the analytical rigor and wide array of tools needed to analyze market risk with precision, we needed a reliable resource to examine each individual bank’s loan portfolio and devise the necessary forecasts for default modeling. CRM brings their extensive capability in analyzing all types of loan portfolios to help determine default and prepayment forecasts for our unique software offering.”


“We’re proud of CRMA®(Credit Risk Migration Analyzer)’s credibility, earned with client institutions and with investor groups during and post the fires of the financial crisis. Expected credit losses are a large variable in an institution’s forecast. We have devoted significant resources to study and develop more precise estimates of default behavior and loss trajectories specific to loan types at community financial institutions. By strategically combining CRM’s approach with ZMFS’s high performance software, the end result is a complete solution for default forecasting, stress testing and regulatory reporting which may not have existed at our collective clients before,” says David Ruffin, Co-Founder, CRM.


Benefits of this partnership to both CRM’s and ZMFS’ clients include:

  • CRM client data can now be plugged into ZMFS software to produce individual and product level default forecasts, as well as default adjusted financial statements.
  • ZMFS clients no longer have to struggle to develop their own defaults forecasts, as they can use CRM’s experience, putting that analysis right into ZMFS systems.


About ZM Financial Systems
ZM Financial Systems (ZMFS) is a privately-held financial analytics company based in Chapel Hill, N.C. As one of the fastest growing financial software companies in the U.S., ZMFS provides on-line and in-house products and solutions to professionals in capital markets, banks, credit unions, broker/dealers and consultants. Today, nearly 1,000 financial institutions depend on ZMFS products/analytics to monitor and measure risk and value in their balance sheets.


With complete solutions in securities and fixed-income analytics, credit-adjusted ALM, liquidity, risk management, budgeting and funds transfer pricing, ZMFS can help you better manage your risk and profitability. Visit for more information, or contact us at


About Credit Risk Management, LLC
Credit Risk Management, LLC (CRM) was formed in 1989 to advise community financial institutions on loan risk management. Since then, we’ve evolved and expanded our business model to provide products and services covering all facets of a financial institution’s credit lifecycle—transactional and macro.

Today, CRM helps community and regional financial institutions, nationwide, achieve more positive bottom-line results by delivering best-in-market loan reviews, portfolio due diligence, quantitative analyses, stress testing, compliance and risk training, underwriting software and enterprise risk management solutions. We are based in Raleigh, N.C., where we have grown a robust, in-house staff of senior credit, compliance, risk management and IT experts. For more information, visit us at or contact us at / (919) 846-1601.



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