ZMFS Welcomes New Vice President of Sales

ZM Financial Systems (ZMFS) welcomes J. Michael Smith, CPA, Vice President, Sales. In this role, Michael will be responsible for developing relationships and demonstrating ZMFS’ defendable analytics to our future financial institution partners within the Midwestern and Southern part of the U.S.

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Forward Thinking in a World of Uncertainty: Upgraded SABR Model Provides Tools of Confidence

In the financial world, we all know the end is nigh for LIBOR. Whether the Overnight Indexed Swap (OIS) or Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR) are the replacements, financial analysts will need a model with the methodology to handle the term structure rates that will ultimately replace LIBOR. ZM Financial Systems’ (ZMFS) Quantitative Research team’s SABR_LMM Term Structure Model fulfills that need.

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ZMFS Provides Easy Access to Prepay/Decay Tables

ZMFS is pleased to announce that clients now have the ability to upload MountainView Financial Solutions decay studies and betas into ZMFS’ balance sheet management platforms: ZMdesk and OnlineALM. By offering this ability to its clients, ZM Financial helps reduce the time its clients spend sourcing supplemental loan and deposit data and provides them with opportunity to enhance model and deposit analysis and precision.

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The Importance of a CECL Implementation Roadmap

#ExploreZMFS on FMStv to learn more about the importance of a CECL implementation roadmap. As CECL is transforming accounting standards that will impact numerous areas an institution's operations, it is important to bring components together now. Learn more...

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ZMFS Proud Sponsor of the 6th Annual Stress Testing USA Congress

Join us at the 6th Annual Stress Testing USA Congress in New York City on 6-7 November. Our very own Guo Chen, PhD, Director, Quantitative Research will be speaking at the event covering the topic of Loan Default Analysis: A CECL case study and beyond. Save an extra 20% on the price using our discount code: STUSAZMFS

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ZM Financial System Continues Growth with New Employees

ZM Financial Systems (ZMFS) welcomes two new employees to help manage our quickly-growing client base and their needs. Michael (Mike) Lau joins the company’s as our new Product Manager, Budgeting. Also joining the team is Phillip Reschke as our Client Experience Manager. #ExploreZMFS to learn more about them and our company

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Second Largest Community Bank in Virginia Chooses ZMFS

ZM Financial Systems is pleased to welcome Carter Bank & Trust as our newest OnlineALM and OnlineBudgeting client. With 4.1 billion in assets, Carter Bank & Trust is a state-chartered community bank headquartered in Martinsville, Va., with more than 100 branches in Virginia and North Carolina.

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