ZM Financial System Continues Growth with New Employees

2018-08-27T15:37:48+00:00 July 20th, 2018|

ZM Financial Systems (ZMFS) welcomes two new employees to help manage our quickly-growing client base and their needs.

Michael (Mike) Lau joins the company’s as our new Product Manager, Budgeting. In this role, Mike will be responsible for continual development of our growing Online Budgeting solution. With more than 20 years’ experience in Budgeting and Asset/Liability software management, Mike will help develop new concepts based on industry research and the needs of our growing client base.

Phillip Reschke joins the team as Client Experience Manager to engage with clients, assess needs and assist with prioritization of requests. Additionally, he will also assist with the coordination of new client implementations. Phillip has more than 14 years’ experience working with ZMFS’ models. Previously, he served as Assistant Vice President/Capital Markets Analyst for CoBiz Financial Inc., where he was a member of ALCO.

As ZMFS celebrates its 15th year in business (and 13th year of consecutive growth), the company believes financial institutions must have access to stronger analytics to perform confidently in an uncertain world. These recent hirings show the founders’ commitment to continued success in providing financial institutions with defendable and dependable analytics.