When You Need Dependable and Defendable Decisions

ZMdesk: Managing Your Balance Sheet One Step Easier

ZMdesk’s powerful calculation engine utilizes one set of data and one set of assumptions to provide insight for a wide range of decisions. With one data upload, you can obtain accurate results to serve multiple departments efficiently. Use these results:

  • Broadly for forecasting, planning, what-if modeling and risk positioning
  • Specifically for CECL, capital stress testing, analyzing data patterns, modeling contemplated derivative or funding positions, trading securities or purchasing/selling loans

A lightning-fast, highly-automated, intelligent data import and error handling process supports current and historical data loads. Visualizing and backtesting your unique default, prepay, beta, and decay behaviors improves your forecasting process and the understanding of your balance sheet behaviors.

Be more proactive in managing your balance sheet. Choose an integrated solution that will grow with you to:

  • Produce compliance reporting quickly and accurately
  • Realize potential financial risk and opportunities sooner
  • Support both specific and broad strategies


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