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When You Need Dependable and Defendable Decisions

Are you ready for CECL?
Now available with ZMdesk V4.7

Bring together an integrated system for all of your ALM modeling¬† needs, including pricing, stress testing, valuation and earnings simulation, ZMdesk’s powerful calculation engine utilizes one set of data and one set of assumptions. ZMdesk clients are able to marry detailed analytics with strategic planning, providing insight for a wide range of decisions. ZMdesk is easy to use and flexible enough that clients also use it to perform regulatory stress testing (DFAST and NCUA NEV), liquidity and CECL. With ZMdesk you can:

  • Meet Complex Regulatory Reporting Requirements
    For example, you can perform Dodd Frank Stress Testing (DFAST) compliance by using ZMdesk’s expanded default shocked/stressed scenarios, or assess your risk rating automatically for the NCUA’s NEV Supervisory Test.
  • Achieve Full Balance Sheet Management with One Solution
    Simulate traditional financial statements, management reports and regulatory reports under a wide variety of planning, shocked and stressed scenarios, keeping an eye on risk and profit potential simultaneously
  • Make Buy/Sell Decisions with Confidence
    Perform detailed value and risk analysis of individual instruments and portfolios for purchase/sale or debt issuance