Consultants/Model Validators

We work closely with several consulting companies that provide services complementary to our models. Some offer validation services, while others offer supporting assumptions such as core deposit studies and prepay or default modeling.

Several relationships are highlighted here and we encourage you to work with these providers given our existing relationships; however, if you have other preferred companies you would like us to talk with, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us through your sales or support contact.

ALCO Partners
Our name says it – we’re all about partnering with you to build and maintain a better ALCO. If you’re in compliance mode, we’ll validate your existing models, processes and governance: ALM/IRR, Liquidity, Loans and Capital. If you’re in build mode, we’ll help you get to the right level of integration by streamlining your risk processes and linking into your own real-time data. We will customize your risk dashboard for real-time decision-making and true “Ongoing Monitoring.” Through DDA-Analytics, we provide transparent next-gen analytics with built-in back-testing; and our Apps merge seamlessly into your ZM risk system! So, talk to us.

ALM First Group, LLC
ALM First is a strategic partner for depositories with core competencies in asset/liability management, fixed income portfolio management, balance sheet advisory/consulting and hedging. Founded in 1995, ALM First is an SEC-registered investment advisor, acting as an unbiased third-party, offering commission-free, fee-based services to more than 300 financial institutions across the country. Additional services include capital planning & stress testing, validations, M&A Advisory, CECL and more.

Get a clearer view of your model risk. Crowe offers independent, technology-powered solutions and services that can save your team time and effort spent on model risk management. And our pragmatic approach and model risk management framework can help you quickly and accurately identify gaps and inaccuracies. We have decades of experience working with hundreds of banks and financial services companies to solve a range of problems, and our governance, risk, and compliance management solutions are endorsed by the American Bankers Association (ABA). Visit our website to learn more.

Darling Consulting Group
Darling Consulting Group (DCG) is a leading provider of independent risk management consulting, modeling, documentation, and validation services.  DCG’s areas of expertise include interest rate risk, liquidity, credit, DFAST/CCAR stress testing, ALLL/CECL, and model risk management.

Founded in 2004, FIRVA offers an Online Workstation providing independent credit analysis to fixed income investors and lenders real-time.  FIRVA specializes in municipal credit surveillance reporting and research with 22 proprietary industry models backed by historical defaults and recovery rates going back to the 1960’s for both rated and non-rated transactions.   FIRVA’s provides credit conclusions for Municipal issuers, including non-rated bonds, private placements and loans including output for purposes of CECL calculations in its portfolio reports.   FIRVA has provided Municipal Credit research to over 200 banks and institutional clients and has multiple core investment professionals who are technology and investment-oriented people.

IRR-analytics, LLC
IRR-analytics, LLC is an independent ALM consulting firm that specializes in interest rate risk and model validations. Our review programs satisfy regulatory requirements and consider industry best practices, emerging trends, and practical considerations. Additional ALM services include limited scope reviews, deposit studies, loan prepayment analysis, assumptions support development, backtesting, sensitivity testing, data scrubs, model selection services, contingency planning, liquidity reviews, and securities audits.

Montana Analytics
Montana Analytics offers quantitatively-focused risk management consulting through a team of highly-seasoned professionals with diverse and deep experience in applied economics, statistics and fixed income.  We focus on solutions for Market Risk, Credit Risk, Stress Testing, ALM, IRR, ALLL/CECL, Basel, scorecards and ABS/MBS securitization analysis.  Founded in 2002, we deliver innovative solutions for model validation, Model Risk Management, analytical development and asset valuation.

MountainView-McGuire has provided innovative compliance solutions for financial institution balance sheet management since 1995. Services include financial model validations (ALM, Liquidity, Capital Stress Testing, Mortgage Servicing Rights, Loan Prepayments, etc.); statistical analyses of deposit supply, pricing, term behavior and value; and statistical analyses of loan prepayments.

Tompkins Consulting Group
Tompkins Consulting Group was formed in 2012 to deliver high quality, cost effective consulting solutions to the banking and credit union industry.   Our mission is to become a trusted partner and advisor to each and every client we serve.  This will be accomplished by fully understanding our client’s unique needs, strategy, and risk posture and by providing the highest quality technical expertise to achieve the desired objectives.  Our services include IRR model validation, model and assumption development, ALM process management, and regulatory compliance.

Velligan-Blaxall Consultants, LLC
Our initial emphasis is to aid institutions by helping them comply with regulatory requirements. Then the focus turns towards maximizing profits through analyzing balance sheet structure, identifying risks and fostering growth through expert analytics and the provision of strategic alternatives. Our services include outsourced Asset/Liability management and reporting, model review, validation and back testing, capital adequacy and liquidity risk management and strategic planning. We aim to be a partner in your institution’s success.

As seasoned financial consultants we are experienced with finance, accounting and information technology tools. Our client base includes banks, credit unions and other similar financial institutions with asset sizes ranging from start-ups to multi-billion dollar institutions.

Wolf & Company, P.C.
At Wolf, we develop long-term relationships with our clients and approach each engagement with a focus on audit services that add value. Our accountants have public and private industry, internal audit, and financial services experience. The Internal Audit Services group can work with your organization to develop a focused audit plan for your ALM and Liquidity processes, including critical parts of model validation such as assumption review and recalculation of key reporting ratios. Regular communication with clients during our engagements ensures that project scope is understood and noted control weaknesses are discussed.