Continual Reinvestment

Your Success is Our Success

Built upon our founders’ quantitative financial modeling, portfolio management and risk management experience, we are financial engineers who build tools to solve complex financial problems. But we’re not all software, calculations and figures. We have real people available when you need them – to provide support, help you navigate data and produce high-quality, quantitative financial information for more confident and effective business decisions. In fact, many clients tell us (rather nicely) that our knowledgeable and responsive product support, and continual implementation of new state-of-the-art risk measurement approaches, is what makes us the logical choice when it comes to choosing a solutions provider they can count on.

We work to make sure you have what you need to meet both internal and external regulation requirements. And, we are continuously evolving our solutions to make sure you stay ahead of the game. That’s why we pride ourselves on completing client-driven enhancements in days or weeks (versus months or years), working to ensure you have what you need first. Additionally, major, minor and support releases are available on a quarterly basis after being fully backtested. We typically perform external certifications of our systems with major new releases to continue to ensure a high level of integrity in the calculations.

We strive to ensure our on-line and in-house solutions are practical answers to your complex financial problems. We continually solicit client feedback through calls and visits. We also conduct an annual Users’ Conference to poll our clients on any new enhancements, modifications and tools they may need that could help them meet their goals, and then explore the benefits of building these enhancements into future upgrades.