Third Party Providers

Talk is…Seriously Integrated

When we talk integration, we are serious. The following providers have direct links embedded in the systems noted beside them.

  • Andrew Davidson & Co. – ZMdesk
  • Black Knight – ZMdesk
  • Bloomberg Data License – ZMdesk
  • ICE Data Services – OnlineALM
  • Intex Solutions, Inc. – ZMdesk
  • Moody’s (CMOs) – ZMdesk/OnlineALM
  • Moody’s (defaults) – ZMdesk
  • Refinitiv – ZMdesk
  • TPG – ZMdesk
  • Yield Book – ZMdesk

We include the linkages at no cost for our clients. For our Online clients, we bill based on usage each quarter. ZMdesk clients must negotiate separately with each provider desired, then we assist you with setting up the system connections.

Please let us know if you need contact information for any of these providers.


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